Our Mission

Our mission is to improve our students’ quality of life with an exciting physical fitness program, effective self defense curriculum, and lifestyle leadership education all in a positive atmosphere. Our Instructors teach this program in a way that makes classes fun and motivating. We follow the S.S.L. rule. We keep our students Sweating, Smiling and Learning.

Students at Boston Tae Kwon Do Academy experience better body balance with improved muscle tone, strength, flexibility, stamina and overall energy level. We teach strategic self defense which communicates to others that you are a kind person, but you are not a person to be shoved around. Of course we develop confidence with practical self defense techniques as well. We look at self defense like car insurance; hopefully, you never have to use it, but if you do, you’re glad you have it.

Boston Tae Kwon Do Academy students learn to develop balance in the four major areas of life:

Social – Better relations with family and friends.
Physical – Improve health and fitness level.
Mental – Continue to learn and develop mentally by studying an ancient art.
Spiritual – Develop enthusiasm, passion and excitement about life.

All Boston Tae Kwon Do Academy instructors know that safety is our #1 priority! We will provide you with a great workout, while keeping you safe. Our school layout is designed with safety in mind. We have 2 inch thick mats on our training floor where most schools have carpet or wood.

Training at Boston Tae Kwon Do Academy is like taking a mini vacation. You will release stress, discover a new you and new world of martial arts, but don’t take our word for it. Take action now! Give us a call at (781) 982-0400 to set up a meeting to evaluate our school, our program and instructors. See for yourself why we are so excited about our program. We will give you 2 Introductory Private Classes and an official uniform for only $14.95. There are no obligations to continue if our program is not what you are looking for. You have nothing to lose but a few pounds, stress and negative attitude! Take advantage of our introductory offer! Call us today to get started (781) 982-0400.


All our instructors are professionals who have been developed to offer the highest quality instruction. Every member of our instructor team is approachable, caring, and possesses a true love for teaching martial arts. After taking just a few lessons, you will see why Boston Tae Kwon Do is Massachusettes’s choice for martial arts

Grand Master Joseph Pina

Grand Master Joe Pina is the head instructor and founder of Boston Tae Kwon Do Academy here in Abington, Massachusetts.  Master Pina has over 40 years of Martial Arts experience and has earned the rank of 8th Dan in Boston Tae Kwon Do as well as the rank of 4th Dan in Karate. He has also studied Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Krav Maga, and the art of Muy Thai. Master Pina has trained several U.S. and World Champions. He is currently the coach of the Cape Verdean Olympic Team in the sport of Tae Kwon Do and truly has a passion for learning and sharing the benefits of Martial Arts with others!

Sean Walsh

Joseph Fuoco

Jonathan Stern

Jonathan Monteiro 

Kaitlyn Diver

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